Meet Tracee

My Motto: Everything happens for a reason. God’s got this!

Who Am I

I am a follower and believer of God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. I am also a wife, mom, friend, graphic designer, entrepreneur, weight lifting fan, health and weight loss coach and I probably left out a few things!

My Specialties


Website Customization

Logo Creation

Graphic Design

About Tracee

In 2005 I married my best friend. Since then, we have been blessed with two beautiful daughters and one angel son.

I'm very passionate about using the gifts and talents God has given me to help and be a blessing to my clients. I truly enjoy meeting people and connecting with them. My kids give me a hard time about always running into people and talking too long!

I'm always trying to learn new things and am excited to be on the journey I am, I thank the Lord for the incredible blessings He has given me.
Tracee Larson, Web Designer
Tracee Larson
Owner, Web & Graphic Designer
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College Education + Work Experience

My college experience consists of a Graphic Arts program at Hastings Central Community College where I earned a 4.0. I also studied the Office Technology program at Northeast Community College.

During college I worked for a local photographer where some of my duties included graphic design work, editing of images and assisting the photographer with photo sessions. I then went on to work as a web designer for a printing company that mainly marketed toward the photographic industry and designed close to 200 photography web sites. From there I went on to having my own (at home) graphic design business called “tl design.” Later on, in 2014, I rebranded tl design to Creatively Seeded to give God more credit for the gifts and talents He’s given me.

It’s always an honor to help people with their web and graphic design needs and I very much look forward to meeting new people and finding out how I can help them. So whatever your web and/or graphic design needs are, connect with us and let’s see how we can help you!


Health & Weight Loss Coach

I am also a health and weight loss coach. My story begins as far back as a kid in grade school. I was always little heavier and I didn’t grow up being involved in sports or exercise of any kind. As an adult, I probably tried just about every “DIET” there is… from diet pills, diet shakes, diet programs like South Beach, Weight Watchers, Whole30, Shakeology… you name it, I probably tried it or looked into it.

When I had my first child in 2005, I was at the heaviest I had ever been and I was MISERABLE. I cried… a lot… I had this beautiful baby girl, but I was so unhappy and I never wanted my picture to be taken with her. As a result of gaining 50 pounds and trying program after program and not being able to lose the weight on my own, I finally found success with a health coach. Because of the impact she had on me and the success I had, it started desire within to become a health coach myself. 

The program I am a health coach for is a very simple and easy program to follow, especially for all the busy moms out there! This program is very effective and focuses on gut health. If you’d like to know more about this program, contact me or visit my health coach website, DBA with Tracee

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your health goals!


Tracee's recent work on our building capital campaign for Christ Lutheran Church was above and beyond what our expectations could ever have been for the type of work and input she gave to the project. Her efforts were a direct result in the campaign becoming a success and we would surely have had a much less professional image and branding without her marketing and design expertise.
John Robertson
Campaign Director