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5 Reasons Why You Should Support Local Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 8

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard about shopping local before, but the “Shop Local” trend has taken off in recent years.

You probably think of local gift shops and small stores when you hear shop local. It would be best to keep in mind that countless small businesses outside of retail make up your community. I’m talking about the realtors, the graphic designers, and everyone in between. Small business owners work hard to ensure that your experience is positive and often put their all into their businesses.

There are tons of reasons why you should support your local small businesses. Still, today, I want to highlight my top five reasons you should support local small businesses.

You’re Supporting the Local Economy

When you spend money locally at small businesses, money can be cycled back into your community. Many local businesses give back to the communities they are a part of, which can take the form of scholarships or holding local events. All of which help to develop the local economy.

Local Jobs

Keeping small local businesses open and prosperous means they’ll be looking for additional help! Local business often means local jobs with better wages and benefits than large corporations and retailers. The more successful a small business is, the more likely it will need to expand its capabilities, which often means more employees. This also means that these new employees won’t be commuting to jobs outside their local area. They will be more likely to spend money locally as they won’t be spending time elsewhere for their job.

Builds Community Relationships

Have you ever walked down the main street of a small town and noticed how closely knit all business owners seem? Locations that have local small businesses often have a stronger sense of community. Not to mention that they have better economic and social relationships as well. When you support local small businesses, you’re also creating that same sense of well-being in your community. Small businesses embody the “Community over Competition” mindset.

Makes Your Town and Community Stand Out

Nothing adds more character to a city than its small businesses. They add so much character and success to a community and provide unique experiences to those in the community and those visiting. A unique and inviting downtown area with local businesses is a beautiful way to market and share your community with others.

Your Supporting Future Growth

Shopping locally and supporting local businesses is the best way to show pride in your city. You’re also protecting those businesses by being a loyal customer. Small businesses rely on their customers to help spread the word and share their experiences. This helps bring in new customers, which allows them to grow. Take pride in your city and your local businesses, and keep your city unique and successful!

I can’t express enough how important it is to support small businesses. They are vital to the growth and expansion of your city!

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