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5 Tips For Social Media Success

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Don’t worry…. We’re not going to give away ALL of our secrets here, but these are some of the things we put into each and every social media strategy for our clients.

#1 - Make sure your social media profiles are filled out. Correctly. Fully.

This might go without saying, but make sure all of your information is filled out on each of your social media profiles. This includes all of your contact information and your operating hours. These hours are especially important right now, with adjusted hours and business closures happening more and more.

# 2 - Make sure your logo (or professional headshot) appears and your header image or video displays correctly.

Because images in the cover spot and in the profile image spot can get cropped differently, you want to make sure these are displaying correctly. It’s generally helpful to make sure they appear correctly on different size screens also.

# 3 - Develop a schedule for content publishing on your social media page. Try to follow the 80/20 rule for informational/promotional content.

If your social media presence is completely new, you won’t have much in the way of suggested times and days to schedule. For Facebook, Google+/GoogleMyBusiness, and LinkedIn, we recommend posting two to three times per week. Make sure you alter the content for each post slightly, depending on what social media site you’re posting to. For example, Instagram doesn’t allow URLs in their posts, so it’s better to go with a straight text post and use hashtags, always prompting users to check out your site link in your bio. Another example of altering the text would be to keep in mind any character limits for the sites you’re posting to.

We always like to try to keep the 80/20 rule in mind when we’re posting for ourselves and for our clients. Providing 80% informational and/or shareable content helps to position you and your business as experts in your field, plus it keeps your name in front of your audience without pushing promotions every day.

# 4 - Be consistent.

Whatever schedule you choose, make sure it’s pretty consistent. Don’t start out posting twice a day, every day, unless you can really keep that pace up! (Not a lot of people can when they’re solopreneurs!)

# 5 - Go for easy…. Contact us to take this off your plate!

You know we had to go for a little promotion, right??? Of course!

We’ve been doing this for a while and have experience working within all social media platforms and creating content for so many small business owners and solopreneurs. We can help you reach a bigger audience, gain an audience, get more exposure for your brand, or meet any of your other business goals with your social media presence.

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