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EDDM® 101 For Nebraska Small Businesses

Updated: Apr 21

For many Nebraska small businesses, especially after being shut down for a while last year, owners are looking for marketing methods to get their name back out there. Whether it’s a new location, a big sale, or a grand re-opening, Nebraska small business owners want to make sure they’re getting attendees – and especially buyers! – at their door. A hyper-local, low-cost, high-ROI form of marketing that many Nebraska small businesses are looking to now is the USPS EDDM® program.

But how can you get started?

When you’re looking for an EDDM® solutions provider who already knows all of the “rules” – the size of the mailings, how to design them, how to get them mailed out at the post office, etc. – contact the pros at Creatively Seeded. Tell us what you want the postcard to offer or inform about, whose hands you’d love to see your mailing in, and your budget. We can take it from there!

What Is EDDM®?

Every Door Direct Mail® (or EDDM® for short) is a service available from the U.S. Postal Service. It allows businesses to send targeted direct mail advertising to households across the U.S. Small businesses can target geographical locations and demographics. This service enables companies to hyper-target their audience.

Who Can Use EDDM®?

EDDM® is built for businesses with a prospective pool of local customers. It’s beneficial for Nebraska small businesses looking to spend efficiently on marketing. Direct mail is a low-cost, simple way to reach high-potential customers in a way that works.

What Are The Benefits Of EDDM®?

EDDM® helps Nebraska small businesses drive awareness and traffic within their community to build a strong local customer network.

For any Nebraska small business owner who’s interested in exploring how EDDM® can benefit their business, EDDM® may deliver a valuable boost in these areas:

More Customers.

Sending hyper-targeted, original messages to potential customers in your community may help solidify your local market share.

More Substantial Returns On Investment.

Rather than buying a mailing list that may be both expensive and out-of-date, EDDM® allows Nebraska small businesses to connect with consumers in an area using data-driven information affordably. When you’re able to reach your targeted consumers, your investment will go much farther.

Increased Consumer Interest.

Awareness and interest are two of the prime drivers for many Nebraska small businesses curious about EDDM®. Using critical demographic and geographic data may help a Nebraska small business reach its ideal audience. Isolating a business need and using the demographic and geographic filters may help a company find the right population of people to fulfill the marketing campaign’s goal.

How Do Nebraska Small Businesses Follow All Of The Rules For EDDM®?

There are a few rules you need to follow, yes. The mailing size, knowing what demographics you want when you drop your mailing off at the post office, etc. The easiest way to follow all of the rules is to read through all of the USPS site guidelines.

Now, if all of that seems too complicated, you can always depend on an excellent EDDM® service provider (like us!).

Is EDDM® The Right Option For Everyone?

No, just like most things in life, EDDM® isn’t the perfect fit for every Nebraska small business. Before choosing EDDM® for your marketing, it’s essential to know who your exact target audience is and what specific geographic area you want to target.

If you don’t know these two pieces of information, then EDDM® may not be the ideal option for your small business.

Personally, we have seen success with these types of Nebraska small businesses who chose to get started with EDDM®:

  1. Attorneys

  2. Auto dealers

  3. Bakeries

  4. Clothing stores

  5. Coffee shops

  6. Dry cleaners

  7. Flower shops

  8. Furniture dealers

  9. Healthcare professionals

  10. Home improvement companies

  11. Pharmacies

  12. Real estate companies

  13. Restaurants

  14. Service providers

What Suggestions Does USPS Offer To Nebraska Small Businesses Interested In EDDM®?