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What is SEO, and Why do You Need it?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about making your website more visible. To put it as simply as possible, using keywords will help your website rank higher in search engines when people are looking for products and services related to your business.

When getting started with SEO, it’s essential to do a keyword analysis to ensure you’re using the right keywords to gain traction on the search engine of choice, typically Google. There are various ways to do this research. For example, search words you want to use and see what other search options appear in the search bar. This gives you a better idea of what terms people are searching for. You can also use paid services or hire someone that focuses on creating SEO content for your website and social media.

Why You Need SEO

Although SEO focuses on getting more traffic to your website, there’s more to it. It is not only about getting your website higher up in search engines. It’s also about making your site better. Making your web page better and structuring it in a search-engine-friendly way makes it easier for people who visit your page.

Taking the time and effort to make your website search-engine-friendly and focusing on SEO means engaging more users who use the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Using SEO enables you to access a significant number of people, and it can exponentially increase your sales or traffic to your site.

Think of it this way. How often do you use a search engine to look something up? Many people will use a search engine more than ten times a day. When your site is considered appropriate and vital by a search engine, your page will be higher in the results, making it more likely to be clicked by the searching individual. When your website gains popularity and has proper keywords and phrases, your website becomes accessible, relevant, and essential, all of which are keys to SEO.

Other Ways to Optimize Your Website

Ensuring your website is optimized using keywords is vital in getting seen when someone searches for your services. Using keywords in URLs, heading tags, title tags, and correctly tagging information on your website means your site is found more easily and loads quicker. Backlinks are of equal importance.

Backlinks are exactly what they sound like; links on other sites that point back to your site! Anytime your website link is posted or shared on another site, say in a guest blog, and it points back to your website, it optimizes your website even more.

SEO is a fantastic way to get more people to see your website. It does not matter if you sell a service or product or have a blog that you want people to see. SEO is the way to get more traffic to your site.

Share your questions about SEO in the comments or contact me to see how I can help you with your business’s SEO!

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